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Author Topic: Samsung Sells 5 Million Galaxy Notes In 5 Months  (Read 1440 times)


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Samsung Sells 5 Million Galaxy Notes In 5 Months
« on: March 28, 2012, 11:04:27 AM »

When the Galaxy Note was first introduced much was said about the size of the new phone/tablet hybrid device and whether it would appeal to the masses.   Some argued that the 5.3 inch screen was simply too large to make using the Galaxy Note as a phone practical.  While others argued that the screen wasn't big enough to be used effectively as a tablet either.   While the S-Pen stylus support was lauded by most it was an open question mark as to whether the public would take to the device.

Well we're happy to say that Samsung can now rest easy as their 'phablet'...as it has since been known...is a bonafide hit with no fewer than 5 million Galaxy Notes sold in the first 5 months of release.  That is a truly impressive number considering that in 5 months it has been able to outsell virtually every Android tablet sold to date...even those out for much longer periods of time.  So what's the secret?  In our opinion it's the cellular phone ability.  As much as people love using tablets the reality is that most people look at a phone as a mandatory device while a tablet is secondary.   

Without its cellular ability the Galaxy Note probably would have sat on shelves.  But because it is a phone...and a user can have one device that serves as both phone and tablet...instead of carrying two...it has found its niche.   Is it a bit bigger than most phones?  Sure it is.  Is it a bit smaller than most tablets?  Damn straight.  But the benefit of having one device that kills two birds with one stone seems to be the secret to the Galaxy Note's success.   It'll be interesting to see if the 10.1 inch version due out soon will be able to emulate such success without the phone capabilities.  Although, the additional S-Pen features might be attractive to some.  Your thoughts below in the comments please...

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