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Author Topic: Peter The Elephant Plays With The Galaxy Note And Shows Why Bigger Is Better  (Read 1094 times)


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Elephant Plays with a Galaxy Note!

What do you do when you make one of the largest smartphones around...so large in fact that some call it a 'phablet'?  Well you show the distinct advantages of said size by...you got it...showing how even an elephant can use its gorgeous touch screen!  Yep, that's exactly what Samsung has done in the above video when they sent a crew over to Thailand so that Peter the elephant could play with it.  In some very impressive and we're assured..very real...video you can watch Peter swipe, press and hold our beloved Galaxy Note all the while seemingly delighted in his antics.  In fact so talented is this pachyderm he can even draw while holding the S-Pen!   Finally, just to truly impress us he snaps a photo of himself and his attractive handler to prove he really was there.   We're not really sure how all this applies to us human-folk...but it's worth watching nonetheless and as the tag line says at the end...Bigger Is Better!

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