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Author Topic: American Airlines Issuing Galaxy Notes To All 17,000 Of Its Flight Attendants  (Read 2411 times)


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If you're a flight attendant on any airline except American and also happen to be a tech junkie then you might be a bit jealous today.  It seems American Airlines has announced a new program...as discussed in the video below...where it is giving all 17,000 flight attendants it employs a Galaxy Note to use as an integral part of their work duties.  The popular 'phablets' will be used by attendants to record meal and beverage preferences as well as to reference a passenger's name, seat number and probably other specifics in an attempt to more personalize passenger's travel experience.   No doubt the company hopes to gleam valuable customer information as well as improve efficiency.   

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/BBHhtKVPlzs" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/BBHhtKVPlzs</a>

Now this program apparently was originally tried out with 40 attendants who tried several competing devices.   It was the attendants feedback that led to the choice of the Galaxy Note.  Take that iPhone!  According to the company, attendants liked the Note due to such factors as its larg 5.3 inch display, easy pocketability that is not always possible with larger tablets as well as security.  AA also plans to put its Flight Attendant Manual onto the devices, eschewing the paper manual.  Now there's no definitive word on which version of the Galaxy Note will be given to attendants.  Some sources are claiming it is the original but since the company does not plan to fully roll out the Notes to all attendants until 2013 we wouldn't be surprised if some GN II's slipped in there by the end.   I don't know about you but I think my next trip I'll fly American.  I like their progressive thinking...and maybe the attendant will let me challenge her to a game of Words With Friends.  What do you think? ;)

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Excellent, would be so great if this news could be spread on Twitter by either Samsung or American Airlines, obviously great accolade for Note!

Using my Galaxy Note!


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