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Author Topic: Samsung Note 3 Lite just like iPhone 5c  (Read 1089 times)


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Samsung Note 3 Lite just like iPhone 5c
« on: December 19, 2013, 02:49:29 AM »
Samsung has been fighting its way to the top, and is actually doing really
well with sales. The fight between Samsung and Apple may be well worth it,
for Apple that is, if Samsung keeps up the progress. More and more people
are using the Galaxy Note, and that means fewer people are using iPhones.
But it seems Samsung might be copying Apple afterall by releasing a cheaper
version of the Galaxy Note 3, the Note 3 Lite.

Just like Apple 5c

Apple released the Apple iPhone 5c recently to offer a less expensive
version of the iPhone. It was released at the same time as the iPhone 5s,
and was a cheaper version of the iPhone. It didnít have nearly as many new
features and was, more or less, just the iPhone 4 refurbished. The lower
price tag made a big difference for a lot of buyers, even if the phone
doesnít have any of the new features in the 5s.

Just like Apple, it seems Samsung Galaxy wants to please everyone. The
Galaxy Note 3 has been doing very well with over 10 million units sold in
the last 2 months. The price tag is high though, according to the
International Business Times. Buying the Galaxy Note 3 without a contract
is $700, and even with a contract it is still $300. Thatís a price tag that
a lot of people just canít afford. Though there have been reports on the
Note 3 Lite price tag, it is expected the price will be significantly lower
to reach out to a larger audience.

Features of the Note 3 Lite

The Note 3 Lite will have the same size screen as the regular Note 3, but
the screen will probably be LCD. Some of the other features you can expect
from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite include a less-powerful camera at only
8 megapixels, a less powerful hard drive, and less room for storage. By
lowering all these features just slightly compared with the Note 3, the
Lite is able to save a lot of money.

Will it do well?

If the rumors are true and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite is really on its
way, it wonít actually be revealed until sometime early next year, probably
at some sort of worldwide conference. However, if it is true, the phone
will probably do just as well or better than the iPhone 5c. Though the 5c
brought in more new Apple customers, most people who already owned an
iPhone got the 5s. The same will likely apply with the Note 3 Lite. People
who already own a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wonít get the lower model, but it
will definitely bring over some new customers. The only real difference is
that Samsungís customer base for the Note 3 is a lot smaller than Appleís
iPhone customer base. That means that there are a lot more people who
Samsung could easily convert into new customers with this new phone.

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