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Author Topic: Before I make another mistake  (Read 1369 times)


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Before I make another mistake
« on: September 16, 2012, 09:35:51 PM »
I thought I would ask all of you if you are happy with your note products, especially the AT&T phones. I would also like to hear from the note 10 owners. I currently use a 10 inch thinkpad tablet do you think a 5 inch phablet can replace a 10 inch tablet most of the time. below is a copy of my last post on the thinkpad forum. I know some of you are from that forum do you have any regrets?  should I switch? I need some feedback before I can hand over another wad of cash and hope I get what was promised.

         here is that post

The galaxy note 2 is scheduled for release on Oct 21st. I know Samsung has a reputation for crappy customer service, but they  also have a reputation for great products.  Also at&t will stand behind this as a branded product. Lenovo seems to have abandoned android in its thinkpad line (the only line I am interested in) by clearly stating ICS will be the last software update. Come on Lenovo; Toshiba just updated the operating environment of my satellite laptop weeks before its second birthday(to clarify satellite is toshibas cheap consumer line of laptops). When I paid nearly 600 for my TPT a year ago I felt justified because it was a thinkpad and that meant quality and support. One year later my tablet is worth 200 bucks locally.
  In my head I see myself learning to do everything on a note content in the knowledge that I will have support and a path to upgrade without changing operating systems.
  At the same time I feel like a traitor; I love my TPT why wouldn't Lenovo let it love me back?  I don't think my GPS has ever locked on. My letter to Lenovo went unanswered. All I wanted was an assurance that if my usb port was faulty it would be fixed even if the warranty was up. I have shared this forum with you for a year so tell me...am I wrong am I missing something?


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