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Author Topic: Samsung galaxy note pro 12.2 battery, no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth and no cell  (Read 1113 times)


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I am sorry for posting this in here but was hoping that maybe someone could help. I am new to forums and don't know how to get around in here and this is the closest I could find to my tablet.

Anyone know of someone that works on them and are experts? I have been having a problem with my note pro 12.2 for years (gave up for a while). When I get the tablet to come on I can't get the WiFi, Bluetooth or cell to work. I get the cell to work for a few seconds maybe a minute but then shuts off. I have changed the battery and it killed this battery too. I won't even have the tablet on (powered down) and my battery will be dead in a day. I can't get it to fully change and will sometimes get into a boot cycle. This thing is a huge mess and lots of problems but would like to try and get it solved if someone is knowledgeable enough to help. I just paid to get the cell line activated but now I can't use it. I'm paying for something that I can't even use.

I can go into greater detail with the problems once I can get into the right place.

Thanks for you help.


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